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**Page under construction - changes/edits will be made on a daily basis**

You can help me improve these pages in several ways:

1. I'd like to create a collection/library of genome comparisons that can be added to these pages, so we can all learn.

If you have grandparents/grandchildren, or siblings, or cousins that have tested with 23andMe, the genome comparison function will show what stretches of DNA you share.

**What i would like are the genome comparison diagrams of people of previously known relationships

eg - Grandparent/Grand"child"


Uncle or Aunt/Niece or Nephew

The more diagrams that can be added, the more we will all learn by seeing the natural variation in the actual amounts of shared DNA between people of different types of relationship (compared to the theoretical average).

**More information can be seen here **
(instructions on how to send diagrams to me, plus links to the actual galleries)

2. I'd love to have more of my family tested, - as the resulting genome comparison diagrams would be a very valuable addition to the examples I show.

As well as having parents and a child that I'd like to have tested, I also have three half siblings, and a (half) niece and (half) nephew. As a result of having no full siblings, I am especially interested in half-sibling comparisons. I have already had my family tested with the CODIS markers, (see here) but the information from this is limited and an autosomal comparison (50000+ autosomal SNP's) from either 23andMe's relative finder or FTDNA's "Family finder" would give more powerful information.

I will first test my parents at 23andMe, and will later test my siblings (and other family members) with FTDNA's "family finder"
... that is,.. when I can afford it (which currently looks to be unlikely,... until about 2017,... unless of course my experiment* actually works.)

* Specifically regarding the action of these three mutations: rs1042778, rs2268490, rs237887.

You can read a bit more about my personal 23andMe results on these pages:

* Angelas Health results

* Angelas Ancestry results

3. Suggest improvements to the text

Contact me on:

As mentioned earlier, I am currently a single mum,.. so I can sometimes be erratic in when I reply, depending on how my son is.... (sometimes he's a little Angel,.. but other times he's a little... )


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